CELF – an attractive partner

In order to support CELF’s strategy and the regional development, CELF is involved in a wide range of projects that contribute to the desired development and ensure a future expansion of CELF’s large network of partners on a local, regional and international level.
CELF has many years of experience with the implementation and management of many different types of projects and is therefore an attractive partner, who is open to new ideas.

Regional and national projects

CELF carries out a large number of projects in Denmark. This is done in cooperation with the EU, the Danish Ministry of Education, Region Zealand, the Growth Forum, the local authorities and other educational institutions.

International projects

CELF is the initiator of many international projects. In 2014 CELF participates in four Femern Belt INTERREG projects. The partners in those projects are among others the European Social Fund, the European Regional Development Fund, the municipalities of Lolland and Guldborgsund, and partners on the German side.