Vocational Education and Training

Motor vehicle, aircraft and other means of transport

Bicycle mechanic, motorcycle mechanic, construction and agricultural machinery mechanic, car bodywork repairer, car mechanic, boat mechanic.

Building and construction

Concreter, paver, bricklayer, carpenter, floor layer, aluminium fitter, thatcher, wall ceiling and unit installer, plumber.

Construction and user service

Service assistant.

Animals, plants and nature

Landscape gardener, animal keeper, greenkeeper, farmer, production manager, business manager, agrarian economist.

Human food

Baker and cake and pastry baker, retail butcher, catering assistant, cook, receptionist, waiter.

Business (commercial school)

Retail trade, event coordinator, financial assistant, clerical assistant,
commercial/business training, specialised clerical assistant, health and service secretary

Production and development

Plant operator, industrial technician, metal smith, technical designer, industrial machine operator

Health, care and pedagogy

Dental assistant

Transport and logistics

Bus and coach driver, storage & logistics/storage & transport, heavy goods vehicle driver

Electricity, management and IT

Automation and process control technician, data technician/IT supporter, electrician, electronics and communication engineering, frontline PC supporter.